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Important Announcement

These are crazy times and we know a lot of you have already started to feel the economic impact. HOWEVER… We believe that a crisis is an opportunity waiting to happen. We therefore aim to help as many people as possible overcome this crisis by finding new ways to make money doing what they love. That is our GOAL. That is our MISSION. 

Until the end of the month we’ll be giving freelancers, businesses and all of you who have been financially hurt by recent events a 25% discount on all our services.

Why choose StingVid

At StingVid we understand, especially in these difficult times, that competition is fierce and only the strongest survive. We know not just how to get customers and traffic into your site & business, but how to turn them into customers that gratefully show you the money.

We sit with you and really invest the time to figure out your business and your customers. Then we work with you to build a powerful digital presence; designing a great website, creating all the tools to back it up and getting new clients with the right tailor-made marketing & promotion for your product/service.

Our Dedicated team of video creators, designers, copywriters & marketers will help you achieve ALL your goals. Your success is our success.

Recent works

Our bees have been busy recently... Have a look at our latest projects

Fake Love Swimwear

Website Design & Video Production

DJ Ran Ziv

Website Design

B-Seed Investments

Website Design


Balm Micro

Video Production


Video Production

Simba Yoga

Branding | Website Design | Video Production | Digital Marketing


Website Design | Digital Marketing



Video Production

Goshrim Group

Branding | Web Design

Sara Agmon Productions

Video Production | Web Design


Professional video production, creative website design, brand identity & digital strategy are what we do, and we simply love doing it. 


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StingVid Academy

Teach as many creative people as possible how to make money doing what they love. That is our GOAL. That is our MISSION.

At StingVid Academy you will never be late to class. Classes are always in session, easily accessible from any device. Anytime. Anywhere.
The Freelancer’s Odyssey is our main course which teaches you how to succeed as a creative freelance  — from getting clients to designing, creating and launching prosperous projects.

  • 100% Professional & unique content
  • Focused & effective videos for each lesson
  • Anywhere. Anytime. On any Device
  • Tools needed to jumpstart your design skills
  • User-friendly course interface
  • Comprehensive PDF guides


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